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Workshop and forge for documentaries, IDS is an all-round event for national and international professionals in the sector.

IDS aims to strengthen the Italian production chain by increasing its visibility, both nationally and internationally, from an authorial and production point of view.


IDS – Industry was born: it is the first Italian documentary market dedicated to internationalization, produced by Doc / it – Associazione Documentaristi Italiani.


IDS doubles up with IDS – Academy, an advanced training and networking project for authors looking for a producer, meant to encourage the development of the sector and thus responding to the current demands of the global market.


IDS triples with IDS – Academy Series, the first appointment in Italy dedicated exclusively to documentary series, with integrated training and networking actions for Italian authors and producers, aimed at encouraging the development of their ideas with innovative languages meeting international standards. A showcase, workshop and forge for documentaries, IDS is an all-round event for national and international professionals in the sector.


It builds the skills and knowledge of documentary professionals at a local, national and international level, offering Italian projects a chance to be showcased to an audience who has the potential of promoting co-productions and visibility to major international players.


It improves the quality of Italian documentary projects for the international market, implementing their production and distribution potential, in Italy and abroad.


It fosters the knowledge and interest of the public and professionals in the documentary genre and in innovations in the sector.


It promotes the visibility of the local area, highlighting the cultural, tourism and economic potential of each place where the initiative is hosted.

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