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Dedicated to authors and filmmakers looking for producers: with their projects, they are able to participate in an intensive course, culminating in a public presentation (pitch) in front of an audience of Italian producers, decision makers, distributors and representatives of funding bodies. It aims to create a pre-competitive environment in which projects and authors receive feedback from the participating professionals, and potentially find partners for co-production.

Talks and share

Highly educational moments for authors and producers, in the form of webinars and online masterclasses. Inspired by the TED format, the IDS Talk and share are an important moment of connection and networking between Italian professionals and international experts. The experts and case histories are chosen for their ability to inspire and stimulate local professionals.


Conversations and meetings dedicated to the entire industry, where to assess the situation and to discuss the future of the Italian industry, creating a fruitful dialogue between all the main sectors and players, institutional and otherwise. 

Rough Cut

The workshop for Piedmontese authors with a project in development, organized by Doc/it with the collaboration and support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) and of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte Foundation.

Two days of intensive work, respectively dedicated to the preparation and the presentation of the projects to a selected audience. The authors of the two selected projects will receive feedback from international experts from different professional areas (TV, festivals, film production and distribution), with the aim of refining the project, making it compelling and able to compete on the international market.

The two Piedmontese projects selected for the 20/21 edition are:

La vita in mezzo directed by Andrea Parena and produced by BabyDoc Film, is about the price you pay to become an adult when your life is divided between two cultures, two countries, two destinies.

La musica non basta directed by Mattia Temponi and Paolo Favaro, produced by Cinefonie, revolves around the theme of success, which at times seems like an impossible goal. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you.