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IDS Industry | March 4 5 6, 2021

Since 2004, IDS – Industry has been creating synergies between producers, distributors and documentary makers in the frame of an international market dedicated to the cinema of reality.

IDS – Industry is an opportunity for many documentary makers with a project to find international partners for co-production: its market/forum format gives Italian professionals a chance to showcase their projects to an international audience of potential co-producers, and to update their skills through masterclasses and case studies. This improves the visibility of Italian projects that are already excelling, reinforcing their success in an environment which enables them to be shared with the entire Italian production industry, thus increasing its value for the main international players.


A steady job (Il Posto) / Director Mattia Colombo, Gianluca Matarrese / Production Giovanni Donfrancesco – Altara Films (Italy), Bocalupo Films (France)

From Cold War to Green War Director  Anna Recalde Miranda / Production  Ilaria Malagutti – Mammut Film (Italy), Lardux Films (France), Tell Me Films (France)

Un Morceau de papa / Director Patrick Zachmann / Production Davide Mastropaolo – Audioimage S.n.c. (Italy), Les Film D’Ici (France)


Touché / Director Martina Moor / Production  Filippo Macelloni – NANOF (Italy), Playtime (Belgium), Hirya Lab (France)


We Nomads / Director Paolo Nepi / Production  Gabriella Manfre – Invisibile Film Srl (Italy)

The DoorkeeperDirector  Alessandro Stevanon / Production Daniele Segre – Redibis Film (Italy)

Don’t give up! (Non mollare!) / Director  Emiliano Barbucci / Production Serena Gramizzi – BO Film (Italy), SMK Factory (Italy)

Hair (Capelloni) / Director Pierpaolo De Mejo / Production Giada Mazzoleni – 341 Production (Italy)

Italiano vero / Director Davide Giorni, Alessandro Giordani / Production Giorgio Beltrame – Mescalito Film Srl (Italy)

The Crown Shyness / Director Valentina Bertani / Production Pietro Puccioni – Diaviva Srl (Italy)


Paper revolution / Director Lauren Anders Brown / Production Emiliano Galigani, Federica Moretti – 9 MUSE Srl Impresa Sociale (Italy)

Liberation diaries / Director Matteo Parisini / Production Lorenzo Cioffi – Ladoc (Italy)