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IDS Academy Series, 3/7 November, 2021

IDS Academy Series is a new exclusive event to increase the visibility of new projects and to develop the industry’s ability to meet the demands of the international market.

IDS Academy Series is the first event in Italy dedicated to the training, updating and promotion of documentary authors and producers, with a focus on documentary series, both for public channels and digital platforms.  

IDS Academy Series takes place in collaboration with the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation, with the participation of representatives from RAI’s Direction and Documentary Production Board and from the main international broadcasters.

IDS Academy Series represents a new development opportunity for the industry, a stimulus for the plurality of existing approaches to production and creation to evolve and become functional to the creation of high quality serial productions, which are becoming increasingly popular among the TV audience and OTT platforms users. By offering a real opportunity to learn about international co-production practices and different writing formats, IDS Academy Series is betting on the ability of the Italian production and creative industry to adequately meet the demands of an international market that invests in authors, specializing in complex audiovisual productions.